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We Need To STOP The Proposed Comcast Merger With TimeWarner NOW,
Or We Will Be FORCED to use this GIANT Monopoly, ( whether we want it or not ! )
BOTH Of These Bloated Monopoly's Has Been Allowed To Get BIG Enough ...
BOTH Company's Already Mis-Treat Their Customers With Relative Impunity ...
What Do You THINK WIll Happen If They Are Allowed To Control ALL The Internet ...
NO GOOD Can Come From This Proposed Merger And Expansion Of The Evil Comcast Empire !!!

That Exposes The REAL Comcast (and their plans) . . .

. . . OR, ( If You are easily offended by the "F-Word" ) You Can
Click HERE To WATCH The CENSORED Version of that Video !!

Click HERE to SIGN the Petition To STOP This Merger
to keep Comcast from Taking Over the Internet !
( PLEASE Forward This To EVERYONE You Know !!! )

A Loyal Follower of This Site Created a NEW Video For Us ...
Click HERE To WATCH That NEW Video !!

This Is MY Opinion & MY WebSite ...
If you agree with me, you're enlightened
( & maybe they put the screws to you too ) !
If you don't like it, please leave now & don't return !!! )

NOTE : This website should NOT be confused with and
is NOT affiliated or associated with Comcast or Xfinity in any way.

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AFTER reading the information presented here,
IF you still want to go to the 'official' Comcast website,
you should be able to do an online search or call them.

( And REALLY, give me a break ...
... WHY would anyone actually want to subject
themselves to a dose of their "Triple SUFFERING" ? )


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